…and then there was EDM

If you’re anything like me you enjoy electronic music of all types with a heavy beat and a sweet hook. You love to get your groove on dancing your booty off until dawn and you’re not afraid to let your back cheeks show every once in a while…as long as it works with the outfit. I have to say, I’m partial to the heavy DnB scene that exploded in Austin and since I’ve been pa-rousing the scene I’ve noticed there’s something missing. Sure, I enjoy hardcore house, DnB, clownstep, darkstep, jump up, and almost anything else with a step in the name but in my pursuit of understanding what makes these sub genres what they are I’ve come across many varied definitions depending on the person you talk to. So I decided to make the pursuit of understanding various genres a public one. That’s right I’m doing a blog about what dj’s you should be following and why, plus I’m sprinkling the right amount of education on your ass in an attempt to create a unified understanding amongst EDM fans about the music they’re listening to. Just think of it as the idiot’s guide to EDM for newbies and true fans alike.  Without further ado, Lesson 1 is here!


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